Thursday, December 9, 2010

Next Year...

For the last two years I haven't really managed to get to any conventions... A sad tale of health difficulties that would have your heart in tears... at least I hope it would.  Next year with RED GHOST and SOCIETY FOR THE REMARKABLE SUICIDE graphic novels coming out and more POGOROBOTO graphics on the way, I'll have to get out there and promote these books as best I can.

RED GHOST has art by the amazing Rob Carey... who isn't just a great artist but one of the funniest little feckers I've ever met, it doesn't matter what you are talking about as he can make it sound both dirty and funny in the blink of an eye... which is not a talent to be taken lightly... RED GHOST is a tale of Ninja and mind blowing crazy action scenes.  I'm constantly trying to find the best way of describing the book to people, but the easiest way of getting to the right description is by saying the graphic novel is a mixture of GOODFELLAS, HALLOWEEN, DEADPOOL, AMERICAN NINJA, and THE BOSTON STRANGLER (a very underrated performance from Tony Curtis)  Below is page 29 from the RED GHOST graphic novel.

So watch out for myself, Rob Carey, and my fellow RED GHOST author Patrick Burton at some Conventions next year, you can follow along on twitter and always feel free to stop by the online store on lulu at or on your local Amazon website.

Chat Soon...

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