Wednesday, January 26, 2011


These one page short pieces are just to keep me sane while I wait for art to come in from RED GHOST, CELTIC KNIGHTS, THE SOCIETY FOR THE REMARKABLE SUICIDE, and ENDURANCE.

Here are the first two weeks and one will be put online hopefully every wednesday....

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Monday, January 17, 2011


There are people in this life that we need to be around, others that we want, and then there are the people we are around.  I've heard the saying that God gave us our friends to make up for our families, and over the last few years I've understood that better than ever before.

I can't say that I have ever been close to my brothers, it's not their fault but mine, and I'm very happy about not having too much to do with them.  In my life though I've had some really good friends, and in the last year made some more.  This time last year I had had enough with writing and pushing myself, I was quite happy with just spending my minutes and turning them into days and tossing those days around into weeks, and so on.  Stumbling in to a gritty, book overcrowded shop in temple bar and starting to talk to the two main inhabitants of that place, Doc and Christy, and seeing their passion about their items for barter made me realise that life is not about passing time until that vein in your head pops or the stroke that you take due to, well you know what causes that.  Life is about those passions we don't have to justify to anyone.

I like American Dad, Family Guy, South Park, Archer, The Cleveland Show, early Simpsons episodes, and I also like Jackass.  I like to read books about famous historical characters who weren't vampire hunters but that some author decided it would be a funny twist if he were.  For some reason I like to watch Deadliest Catch and don't like to watch Mythbusters, because when it comes to things in movies that seem implausable I like to think they are still possible.  I like to spend four or five hours on new comic day just reading my comics and laughing at Deadpool when he thinks that a girl is coming on to him when she is just trying to get away from him.  I like listening to the same song three times on my MP3 player, just because it evokes some strange feeling inside of me.  I really like listening to country music, and really like that Friends in Low Places chap.

I like to go to the cinema on my own and watch a movie that people wouldn't think that I would go to, and I like to sit in the back row of the movies even though it's hard for me to get up the stairs, because feck it, that's my mountain to climb.  I like to prove people wrong, and each day that I manage to get around I do just that.  I love dogs and puppies but will never have another dog again (RIP Garthy)

I have passions and I have dislikes and that makes me a normal human, but the levels of my passions make me unique, and the levels of my dislikes gives me something to improve on as I continue in life.

Those people around us that we know, we should learn from, we should tell them something about ourselves that we don't share with anyone else.  We need to listen to them and cherish our days with them.

I know that usually this blog is about trying to sell some of my books or promote another book, but it caught me in reflective mood tonight and this is the result.  Normal service will be soon, but for now this is what I had to get out.

Peace and love