Thursday, November 25, 2010

Red Ghost... People Still like Ninja don't they?

Things I like about writing.. I don't have to answer to a boss (always a plus), I get to do it laying down (one of the many things I'm great at laying down) and I create anything I damn well like...

There are other reasons I love to write and create but you the main one is last reason there, I create anything I damn well like.  Earlier this year a friend came to me and said, write something like Halloween, but instead of Michael Myers make it an unstoppable Ninja.  I had nothing else to write at the time and had never did any Ninja pieces before so I thought 'What the hell!" My first thought really should have been "How much does this pay?" but hindsight is 20/20...

So after a few weeks the process that goes before writing, for me it's a movie of the script that plays in my head, was finished.  RED GHOST started to form as a being and I started to write, after a week of doing 1 hour bites of writing the script was finished and I was damn happy about it.  My fellow writer Patrick Burton liked the script and then we sent the script to artists... one of which was Robert Carey, probably the most talented and deranged artist I've ever met.  The team was set.

Patrick is busy writing the backstory prose pieces that will elevate the script to heights that I never dreamed of, he's one of those writers that make it look effortless, the git, and a writer that I admire a lot, I'm proud to call him my friend.

Robert... it's hard to say what makes him tick, you write something down on a page that you want him to draw and he comes back giving you exactly that and 100% more.  I've never seen any artist do so much preparations just on the main 2 characters.  He's worth the money he's getting paid.

Red Ghost is a Ninja who will work for anyone once they don't harm children, if they do he will go after their children.  Mob boss Mickey O'Rourke hires him and after 10 years is still under the Ninja's gaze.  When Red Ghost goes after the Mob Boss' family, Mickey must do the unthinkable, hire a bigger monster. 

Red Ghost really gave me a chance to put in a lot of the crazy action set pieces that were going through my head and create a characters that I can write more of in the future.  Also it allowed me to write about one of my childhood fascinations, Ninja, I was a massive fan of Ninja films during the 80's and 90's (not so much the recent attempts to do them) American Ninja films were always full of camp Ninja goodness and there was one other film which starred Chuck Conners called Sakura Killers which at the time was amazing.

The graphic novel of RED GHOST will hopefully be out early next year along with a few other projects written by me.  But for now I will leave you with an excluse look at one of the pages from RED GHOST will let you know exactly what is coming... this is page 15...

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